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LLC Center of Global Logistics performs the following services:


Forwarding Services and customs clearance

Cooperation with the following customs during all processes:
Sea: Vladivostok, Nahodka, Vostochnyi, St. Petersburg, Novorossiysk, Azov
Railway: Vladivostok, Nahodka, Vostochnyi, St. Petersburg, Moscow
Road: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Smolensk, Bryansk, Azov, Tver

(Global forwarding)

Existence as own transportation fleet, so developed agents network, allows to execute cargo transportation by road, air, railway in internal and external traffic more effectively.

Geographically, international procedure includes CIS, West/East Europe, North America and China.

Using unitized order form and possibility of web-interface, allowed directly place an order for transportation / get report about goods traffic, we simplify the plan of work with the Customer when keep high-degree of reliability.


Inventory control and responsible goods storage

- consulting about inventory optimization
- increase in inventory turnover
- high-qualified specialists
- developed WMS system, possibility to integrate with Customer’s system
- marking and samples



Service “Virtual Trade representation” in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus

We are ready to assist in case if entry into CIS market may cause some business-risks, current sales volume does not allow opening affiliated company as well.

Service “Virtual Trade representation” is developed especially for foreign companies, entered into CIS market.


Under this service we offer:

- Observation local market, marketing companies
- Development of juridical base to run a business
- Search of potential customers/partners
- Customer’s orders administration
- Deliveries and settled accounts with customers


Our Company has not only skills and sources which are necessary for rendering services in correspondence with specifications, but also has successful experience in long-term cooperation with companies, which make high demands on partners in logistic outsourcing.