• Международные перевозки
  • перевозка груза из германии
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Dear Sirs!
Will you be able to answer our question delivering highly effective complex logistics solutions, please.


Approximately date of project’s beginning 


Approximately date of project’s finishing 


Did the contract sign? Whether the assessment and consultations under the foreign trade contract about observance of interests of your company are necessary for you?


Whether consultations are necessary for you for signing of the contract, a choice of terms of delivery on the Incoterms 2010 if the contract isn't signed yet?


Whether consultations, the help are necessary for you at paperwork on delivery: specification, invoice, packing list?


Whether your company as the participant of foreign trade activities at customs / in bank / tax inspection plans to be registered or it will be more convenient to carry out goods delivery at the Russian company (tekh.importer)?


Country and city delivery (with code)




Description of goods (on each position)


In case your goods – the equipment, whether you plan to increase authorized capital of the company, having included equipment cost in it?


Purpose of goods (on each position)


Material, structure (on each position)


Technical characteristics of freight


Weight (gross, net) breakdown on weight and packing type, number of packings and their dimensions


Producer, country of origin


Total amount of freight (m3)


Whether partial delivery of goods will be allowed?


Quantity of packages and their dimensions


Do you need customs clearance?


Existence of the Russian certificates on imported goods?


Total amount of cargo


Whether it is planned to insure freight for transportation? Whether it is planned to insure freight at unloading service at destination point?


Whether services in goods unloading from a rolling stock in the destination are necessary?


Whether services in goods warehousing are necessary?


Whether consultations on optimization of all processes of logistic outsourcing are necessary for you?


Details of the contact person from your side (name, tel, e-mail)