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About us


LLC Center of Global Logistics specialized in performing services in the field of logistics and allocation and realization projects by providing Customers logistic functions outsourcing.


From the time of production, in 2007, our Company has been performing services in segment of high-tech products, working with leading western suppliers of equipment, which are listed, enclosed.

Customers’ usual loads: consumer goods, oil and gas industry equipments, equipments for alcohol, beery plants, equipment for heavy industry, paints.


Participation in tenders: development combined logistic scheme under state order with further contract conclusion plan realization under logistic schemes.


From our point of view, the most important our advantages, that we focus on long-term cooperation and our strength, directed in development our customer’s deals. We are proud, that from the last 6 years, approximately 95 % of our customers, entrusted implementation their service, not only became our regular customers, but also recommended us for their partners by chain supply.